Our Bodies - Our Lives

Konferenz zur Beendigung reproduktiver Gewalt an Frauen in El Salvador am 9. April 2018 im EP Brüssel

Our Bodies - Our Lives

Ending Reproductive Violence against Women in El Salvador

European Parliament - room PHS 4B1 - 60, Rue Wiertz - 1047 Brussels

Conference Programme

Welcome and introduction by Molly Scott Cato, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

Panel I : The absolute criminalization of abortion and its consequences over women's life in El Salvador
Chair: Bodil Valero, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

  • Presentation of the new film by Swedish-Salvadoran filmmaker Israel Benavides on abortion in El Salvador. Screening the film trailer and discussion. (confirmed)

  • Law on abortion and its consequences, Bertha De León - Lawyer, Colectiva feminista (confirmed)

Q&A (10 min)

Panel II: Female lives matter
Chair: Terry Reintke, MEP

  • Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, recently released woman, speaks out (confirmed)

  • María Teresa Rivera, convicted of abortion, then freed, currently livingin Sweden, granted political asylum (confirmed)

  • Victoria Carolina Ramírez Estrada, gynaecologist on direct consequences of the law (tbc)

  • Lea Reus, Amnesty International, on the international support campaigns (tbc)

Q&A (10 min)

Panel III : Towards a change of the Abortion Law in El Salvador (video conference)
Chair: Molly Scott Cato, MEP

  • Salvadoran MP Nídia Diaz (present via video)

  • MPs involved in changing the law (present via video)

  • Edita Hrda (tbc)

  • Emma Julia Villatoro Tario, Ambassador of El Salvador to the EU and Belgium (confirmed)

Q&A (10 min)

Panel IV : Wrapping up: Action Plan to get women free and support the changing of the law
Chair: MEP Ernest Urtasun & MEP Terry Reintke

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